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Walking tours through Atlanta with a fun, puzzling twist.

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What is a puzzle tour?

Our puzzle tours are self-guided walking tours through fun urban areas around Atlanta and Georgia.

But there’s a twist: you must solve a series of riddles and puzzles along the way to find each new stop along your tour!


How it works:

Atlanta Puzzle Tours are all self-guided, and all done right here in your phone’s web browser to move from one puzzle to the next.

Atlanta Puzzle Tours are all self-guided, and all done using your phone’s web browser to move from one puzzle to the next.

  1. Browse from our list of tours to pick the one you like.

  2. After you checkout, you’ll get a unique 4-digit tour code for you and your friends to join.

  3. Once you start or join your puzzle tour, we’ll give you the exact starting location and your first clues to get going.

  4. Use your phone to solve each puzzle and see if you have the smarts to make it to the end!

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Explore Atlanta like never before

Whether you’re an Atlanta native or visiting for the first time, our puzzle tours are designed show you the city in new ways you won’t see anywhere else!

  • Great for outdoor dates
  • Fun adventures for the family
  • Excellent company team-building events

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Create your own unique ending

Each puzzle tour features a build-as-you-go “ad lib” story. Enter new words after solving each puzzle, then check out your own unique, funny tale at the very end!

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Sam & Adella

Loved our time with Atlanta Puzzle Tours! The puzzles are so creative and educational, and challenging enough to keep you engaged!

Jenna, DeVon, Adi, & Oleks

We had a blast! The whole adventure was super fun and unique. We’re definitely coming back as soon as the next one’s available. ❤️

Chase & Nora

Great concept, and made for a great date. We battled through all the puzzles, even though she won!

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