Getting started is a breeze

Each puzzle tour is done on foot using your phone to solve a series puzzles at each stop along the tour. No long distances to drive, and no app to download.

Have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

  1. Pick your puzzle tour

    Browse our list of available tours and select the one you like. Each tour comes loaded with over a dozen different puzzles to solve along the way.

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  2. Enter your tour code

    When you purchase a tour, you’ll be given a unique 4-digit code to start. Send it to any number of friends and have them join in on solving the puzzles with you!

  3. Head to the starting location

    Each tour will give you a starting location, and once you enter your tour code and begin, you will unlock your first puzzle.

    Remember: once you start solving, your tour will be available for 48 hours!

  4. Start solving!

    Use your smartphone to work through each puzzle, enter your answers, and solve your way to the very end!

Latest puzzle tour:

East BeltLine Art Tour

Take a stroll down the East Atlanta BeltLine, passing by art exhibits from local artists and solving puzzles along the way.

Frequently asked questions

  1. A puzzle tour is a self-guided tour where you use a smartphone to guide yourself from one stop to the next along your tour route, but with a twist: instead of knowing all your tour stops in advance, you must solve a series of puzzles and riddles along the way to uncover where your route will take you next.

    Think of it like a classic city tour, an escape room, and an outdoor adventure all rolled up into one!

  2. It varies depending on how quickly you solve each puzzle and how fast you move from one location to the next, but most groups complete their puzzle tours in about 3–4 hours.

  3. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection! Your phone will be what you use to complete puzzles, submit answers, and see your results.

    Heads up: Make sure your phone’s battery is charged before embarking on your tour.

    Since tours are outdoors and may take a few hours, we also recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and bringing a water bottle (at your own preference, of course).

  4. All tours are meant to be completed on foot — no vehicles are needed to get from start to finish.

  5. No worries, some puzzles are trickier than others! Each puzzle offers you 2–4 hints if you’d like an extra nudge. If you’re still stumped, you can choose to have the answer shown too, so you can move to the next step and get right back to solving more puzzles.

  6. First, head over to our list of available tours and pick the one you want to embark on.

    After you purchase the tour, you’ll be given a unique 4-digit code to join your tour (you can enter this code in the field on the site menu or on the home page). This code will be active for 48 hours after purchasing, and can be given to others to join the same tour with you.

    Along with your 4-digit code, we’ll also give you all the details about exactly where and how to begin your adventure!

  7. There is no limit! Feel free to send your tour code to as many friends as you like who will be joining the tour with you!

    We find that groups of 4 to 6 people typically work best, but for groups of 8+ people we do recommend purchasing multiple tour codes (so speedy solvers don’t fly through the puzzles before others have a chance to try them).

    Keep in mind: your progress is saved as you go, so any friends who join after you’ve already begun solving will see any answers you’ve already submitted, and they’ll have access to steps you’ve already unlocked.

  8. Once you buy a tour, you will have 48 hours to access it (even after you’ve completed all the puzzles). During this time, you can logout and log back in as many times as you like, and all your progress will be saved.

  9. If your tour code expires before you have a chance to finish the tour, send us a message with your tour code and we’ll be happy to extend your time!

  10. Accidents happen, but don’t worry! We will email you a copy of your tour code and details when you checkout, just in case it gets lost.

  11. Our puzzles are designed for roughly ages 12 and up. Younger children may enjoy the puzzle activities too, but the distance and duration of the tours may be a hard day’s work for some little ones.

  12. A funny ad-libbed story will be waiting for you at the end of your puzzle tour: you fill in the various ad lib words after each puzzle, and we put them into the final story to create a fun, unique tale.

    They’re also totally optional — feel free to skip them if you want to go straight to solving the next puzzle. You can always go back once you reach the end of the tour to add or edit any ad libs and fill in your wacky story afterward!